Who we are

Faz Technologies is an IT Consulting Agency created in 2004 by Stephane LECORNE and Julien GUEDON (both french MEng).

Our ambition is to provide quality solutions and advice and to establish true partnerships based on trust and mutual comprehension of your IT System and needs, not only on short periods but also with a true forecasting vision.

What we do

Facing increasing complexity in both the IT field and the business needs, decisions are tougher and more engaging than ever.

By providing strong advices as solution architects or accompanying your teams as project managers or professional trainers, we fill the gap between technology and you, allowing you to focus on what matters most : your business.

How we work

From the very beginning, Faz Technologies has favoured a "from the trenches" approach, instead of distant collaborations, encompassing :

Missions and Realisations

La Banque Postale We accompany the French post bank since 2004, from Technical Support to Solution Architecture on Java Frameworks and business applications.

CAFAT CAFAT is the New Caledonian official welfare agency. We them migrate from an IBMi (AS/400) based development environment to a state-of-art Java platform.

Ville de Noumea We worked for Noumea City Council on ITIL consultancy and helped them organize their solution directory.

VisioVitiVini We developed an application for the wine industry, allowing traceability and analysis of phytosanitary products used in vine culture and wine production.

France Business School We developed a stock-market serious simulation game for their junior enterprise "Sup'Invest".

Exedra We worked on their ERP as well as maintenance and administration of their IT Infrastructure.


Java Frameworks
Workflow engines
Application performance
Mobile development & responsive design
Softwares and websites
Wine-industry ERP
Stock-market simulation
Small business advertisement site

Training courses

Project management
ITIL (Noumea, Boomerang, CG24)
Application Architectures (CAFAT, IB Formation, ...)
Agile Methods (Airbus, Avolys, LBP)
UML & RUP (Boomerang, IB, CESI)
C, C++ (La Banque Postale, France Telecom, ...)
Java/JEE, Spring (CAFAT, LBP, AFPA, CESI, ...)
Python (CNRS, EADS, Assedic)
Administration and operating systems
Unix, Linux (Avolys, AFPA, CESI)
WebSphere, JBoss, Jonas, Tomcat (CAFAT, LBP, CNRS)

Our team

Stéphane Lecorné

Stephane LECORNE, Co-Director

Stephane has discovered computer sciences in its teens. He attended a bachelor degree in that field in 1998 before joining an engineer class between 2000 and 2003. He also spent the last year within a management school near Bordeaux.

After his studies, he worked for some local firms before decided to found Faz Technologies with Julien in 2004.

Out of work, he enjoys playing the Piano, doing some outdoor sports (running, cycling, swimming) and also piloting (he's an aerobatic plane pilot) and sky diving.

Contacts : slecorne@faztechnologies.eu
+33 (0)6 88 67 70 42
Julien Guédon

Julien GUEDON, Co-director

Julien comes from sensibly the same background. He attended an engineer school in 1998 and started working for IT firms in the same time. In 2000 he started working as a freelance trainer while also validating its professional degree (ICT).

He worked for some local company between 2000 and 2003 and earned his Master's degree just before founding Faz.

During his free time, Julien plays the Guitar and practices martial arts. He also enjoys plain sea diving since he've been living in New-Caledonia. He's also keen on modern history and social sciences.

Contacts : jguedon@faztechnologies.eu
+33 (0)6 63 29 09 42 (France), +687 75 65 89 (New-Caledonia).
See his resume on-line.